A Woman in her Menses

Hadith No: 349
Narrated/Authority of Aisha
From: Sunan An-Nasai. Chapter 3, 
The Book of Menstruation and Istihadah

“We went out with the Messenger of Allah (saw) with no intention other than Hajj. When he was in Sarif I began menstruating. The Messenger of Allah (saw) entered upon me and I was weeping. He said, ‘What is the matter with you? Has your Nifas begun?’ I said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘This is something that Allah the Mighty and Sublime has decreed for the daughters of Adam. Do what the pilgrims do but do not perform Tawaf around the House.'” (Sahih)


In Menses, women will bathe or perform wudhu with the INTENTION of Umrah

This will not make her paak

Sit, facing Qiblah if possible

Make Intention followed by TALBIYYAH.

Remain engaged in




Enter Masjid for umrah after becoming Paak.

If menses started after she had done the Ihram for Umrah and she was unable to perform Umrah and Hajj activities start:

Cancel Umrah, by making intention to cancel Ihram, undo hair and comb it.

Do new Ihram for Hajj and start Hajj A’amaal. (Going Mina, Arafat etc)

She will do Qadhaa of Umrah after Hajj.

Give penalty/ Dam by sacrificing goat or one seventh of large animal.(cow, camel)



         A woman in her menses will delay the Tawaf e Ziyarat until she becomes clean

         It will be permissible for her to delay this even after the 12th Dhul Hijjah, no penalty will be due.

         Without Tawaaf e Ziyaarat Hajj is not complete, it has to be done.

         She would be exempt from Tawaaf e Wida if she is unable to do it due to her menses. No penalty will be due.