We have taken great measures to ensure that our clients can get away and feel completely secure Islamically In Sha Allah. Hence we’ve come up with Akbar Tours.

Even though we always tend to promote Umrah, Hajj and Al Aqsa packages on a major basis, we also know that our Creator has created many other beautiful signs for us to go see and discover.

Akbar Travel & Tours deal with specific locations and resorts that offer our clients halal food and have a no-alcohol policy, most of them also arrange private ladies only beaches, swimming and/or suntanning areas, and some also have mixed beach areas for families but abiding by a modest dress code at all times.

Having said all that, Akbar Travel & Tours provide Worldwide travel for any destination across the globe inclusive of flights, hotels and help organised excursions and activities.

After all, You work really hard all year long, so why not pamper yourself once in a while with a vacation? Take a real break and simply allow yourself to unwind and relax. Give us a call or fill out our simple form providing us with your travel specifications and rest assured that we’ll take of everything so that you can start vacationing from the moment you book your tickets.